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Emotional Paintings - I will create a customized painting especially for you

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Welcome to my Homepage - paintings for you

I was born in 1975 in the town of Varna, Bulgaria, at the seaside of the Black Sea. Since I was a little girl, I love to paint and to spend hours with the paint-brush. When I was a teenager, lots  of my paintings were published in a famous Russian magazine.

Supported and encouraged by my family and my teachers, as well as stimulated by the motivation of my personal talent, I visited the Art School in Varna and graduate as a "Fine Art teacher".

After that I continued my studies at the University of Varna with subject "History and Theory of Culture" and finished with the  "Bachelor of Art" degree.

I gained my further experience as an assistant of one of the most famous Bulgarian artist - Todor Petrov, know as "Toto". He releaved to me the secret of all the techniques in painting and introduced me to the cultural life of the town, where I found myself perfectly fitting.

My paintings have been shown in a number of exhibitions. A lot of them belongs to private collections all around the world (Switzerland, Austria, The United States of America, Germany, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria)

I paint on cotton and silk clothes too. Painting on textile is not a simple thing for me. All my paintings on clothes are filled with a lot of feelings and life.

I was also part of the decorators' team in a Bulgarian-French movie production, where I improved and mastered my knowledge and art skills.


Anna's Paintings

"Powerful paintings, modern and interpreted with a keen sense of color and forms, the paintings show abstract depiction of landscapes, animals and objects, but also trains and motive from the cantons of Zug, Lucerne and the rest of Switzerland.

The pictures of Anna stimulate to intensive look and explore.

The viewer finds new motives, depictions and correlations in the paint and the interpretation may vary by state of mind. As a result, the paints are very much alive and will never be bored"

                                                                                                                                                  Thomas Morgenstern - art reviewer

Your Swiss Memories?

Do you want a memento from Switzerland that will last a liftime? Do you want an unique souvenir from your adventure abroad?


I will create a customized painting especially for you. Different sizes available, all paintings are unique and the design is freely selectable.


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You will be a part of the artistic process during the creation of your work. Each painting is personalized and therefore unique.


Example prices:

Size 50 x 50 cm : CHF 450.--

Size 90 x 90 cm : CHF 950.--

other sizes on request